UpTV Drupal Case Study


Formerly The Gospel Music Channel, UPtv delivers uplifting television shows- all of which is certified as family safe by the Parents Television Council. Mediacurrent has partnered with this powerhouse network through several website builds, redesigns, a rebrand, and today, we continue support their growth through on going Drupal support.

Video Interview

Philip Manwaring, SVP Strategic Planning, Research, and Technology at UPtv, discusses the new television network and their experience with Mediacurrent.

Project Goals

Our most recent large project with UPtv was rebranding from the Gospel Music Channel (GMC) to UPtv coupled with an upgrade to Drupal 7. Our goals were to:

  • Migrate from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.

  • Rebrand from Gospel Music Channel, a network with a reputation focused on music, to a more inclusive entertainment network that offered several different types of programming.

  • Integrate with their internal tv show scheduling platform to automatically pull in the latest program schedule into the Drupal website.

  • Import the existing content into the new Drupal 7 platform.
Challenges & Solutions

Condensed Timeline: To meet the rebrand deadline for the network, we went from planning to launch in two months. With the tight deadline, we brought all of the departments needed to the table from the beginning, so we could support the project from design, theming, development, server structure, quality assurance, and consultation standpoints. We worked alongside the UP content team to train them on the new content entry system while we were still in progress of development.

Content import: With large amounts of content needing to be housed on a new structure and fit within the new branding guidelines, we partnered with UP to comb through content to ensure that everything fit within the new parameters. We also set up redirects for old content to point to the new URL structure.

Dynamic content: In order to keep the homepage as up to date as possible, we created several promotional spaces that UP content editors could independently control.

Design and Theming

With the rebrand, we were given a logo and a color pallet to work from, but UPtv relied on us for every other part of the visual design. We took the site’s tagline, “Uplifting Entertainment,” and created a celestial theme that better fit the new logo, using blues, whites, and clouds to create a cohesive brand message with the website’s visuals.

Final Thoughts

As with any sizable Drupal implementation, we cannot emphasize the need for a well-defined site architecture documentation during the planning phase. In our functional specification documents for any of our projects with UPtv, we incorporated their requirements and cataloged Drupal-specifics including planned content types, taxonomy, roles, permissions and modules. We believe in long term relationships and it has been a joy to partner with UPtv over the years.

Customer quote

Mediacurrent's experience and expertise in Drupal helped our team bring to life a new feature-rich Web site to promote and integrate a constant flow of ongoing initiatives both on-air and online.
Mark Wolfe
Manager Digital Media Design + Development