Classflow Drupal Case Study


ClassFlow is a cloud-based lesson planning and delivery system created by Promethean, the makers of interactive whiteboards, tablets, and flat-panel displays for classrooms.  ClassFlow takes many software tools that instructors use for lesson planning and teaching and combines them into one easy-to-use system, making the best use of teachers’ and students’ time and energy.

Project Goals
  • Develop a solid foundation in strategic content thinking and build it up with a go-to-market message that will grow with the company
  • Ensure brand consistency between the ClassFlow website and application

  • Complete the project in time for the client to present at an educational conference in the UK
Challenges & Solutions

The Mediacurrent team faced some unique challenges with the ClassFlow project, primarily with building a brand new product with super quick turnaround deadlines and an internationally-based team.

Timeline: From discovery to launch in less than 8 weeks. We rearranged projects and burned the midnight oil to ensure that development was finished within the deadline.
Time zones: Folks from all over the world contributed to making this project great. We collaborated with content writers in the UK and Promethean branding strategists in Atlanta.  The diversity of perspectives meant a stronger product in the end, but many tweaks and adjustments along the way. The time differences also made for some extra late nights and early mornings.
A blank slate: Building a product from scratch is both satisfying and challenging. ClassFlow is a new opportunity for Promethean to break into first place in their market. We made sure to set them up right with an in-depth content strategy to help them achieve that goal. Today, they have over 700 backlinks and 40 keywords ranking in search engines.
Content Strategy and Marketing Automation

We created a foundation that Promethean could refer back to as ClassFlow grows and evolves. This living document includes three main sections: competitive analysis, buyer personas, and an in-depth content strategy.

Competitive analysis:
Promethean decided to present ClassFlow as a separate brand, which brought with it specific benefits and challenges. Mediacurrent developed a thorough analysis of ClassFlow’s most direct competition, separate from Promethean products, to give the Promethean team the strongest path for future marketing and branding efforts.
Personas: Detailed user personas were at the heart of the content strategy. We created profiles for the most likely users’ current beliefs, daily lives, biggest questions, and interaction use cases for social media and technology. The idea was to start on the teacher-level, with people who use or could use products like ClassFlow every day. From there, build a case for principals and district administrators who influence whole schools and districts. We based our recommendations on these personas because knowing what each persona needs to hear is a great jumping off point for how ClassFlow will build their product.
Gap analysis: Since ClassFlow is a new product, a content gap analysis was critical in order to identify content areas that user personas would want to know about but were lacking. For each user persona, we developed a list of questions and concerns and linked it to existing content. For questions that had no answers, we made concrete suggestions for how to work in that content. Filling in content gaps ultimately increases search traffic and conversions by building trust and educating users.
Initial marketing automation: We developed a framework for how ClassFlow can score and grade the leads to their website. This allows for more targeted marketing, so prospective customers receive the right message and attention at the best possible time.
Drip campaign: Mediacurrent also developed a high-level overview of a drip campaign that will drive potential customers to convert to the ClassFlow website.
Design & Theming

Mediacurrent took point on the design and wireframes for the website. We wanted to highlight the content by keeping the design simple and clean while ensuring that the look and feel of it was consistent with the ClassFlow brand. Responsive design means it’s ready for mobile use.

We also collaborated on the registration and sign-in interfaces, both of which are also responsive. A straightforward and easy user interface was a top priority as teachers can be short on time.

Final Thoughts

We were proud to work on a product that will positively influence the lives of many teachers and students. Despite a rather short timeline and scope difficulties that arose from this being a brand new product, we developed a concrete yet flexible strategic analysis and content strategy that will give ClassFlow the guidance they need to build their product and help it flourish.

The additional structure that marketing automation provides will free up marketers and developers to focus on the leads with the highest potential, while nourishing others at their current levels and develop them into leads.

Customer quote

We were very pleased with the level of service, commitment and responsiveness of working with Mediacurrent on our CMS Drupal project. The new site has been well received, both internally and externally, and the level of professionalism in this demanding project was always consistent.
Liam O'Marah
Head of Digital Properties