AutoTrader devised a new buying strategy for the customers of one of America’s leading automobile dealerships, the Larry H. Miller Group. Historically, car buying websites have offered shopping by price instead of incentive. DrivenByYou brings a paradigm shift to the online automobile buying experience by providing buyers with a selection of incentives to drive their buying decisions.

Drupal was a natural fit for the project, providing a platform for easily integrating external data feeds and quickly assembling complex content creation workflows. DrivenByYou processes up to 12,000 automobile records on a nightly basis, giving buyers an up-to-date incentive and merchandise selection.

Customer quote found Mediacurrent to be an extremely valuable resource during the implementation of the site launch in Drupal. Throughout the process, the Mediacurrent team worked diligently to make sure the business objectives of the site were exceeded. Mediacurrent’s experience and knowledge in building enterprise-level Drupal sites was obvious. The best proof of the success around our collaboration was that they delivered what they said on-time and within budget, and most importantly, our client “Loved it."
Thomas Gage
Enterprise Analytics