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One of the biggest challenges when designing a website is not only creating a flawless experience for all devices but also one that engages the visitor and holds their attention in the right way. Here are a few design ideas that will increase visitor engagement on your website.

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For a website to work, buyers need to find it and take action. Visitors become leads, buy products, and subscribe to newsletters. As each stage converts into the next, every conversion should trigger a new series of events. This is where the Thank You page comes into play. 

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At a recent marketing automation meetup, we were round-tabling areas where

Preparing for a Drupal Website Redesign Blog Image

A collection of important suggestions your organization should consider before embarking on your next website design.

Ensuring Your Web Project is a Success

There are many metrics for measuring a Drupal project's success.

At various Omega presentations I've given at Drupalcamps and in

Preparing for a Drupal Website Redesign Blog Image

In 2009 we released a whitepaper entitled Building an Enterprise Class Website

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