Web Accessibility

5 Tools for Establishing an Accessible Web Color Palette

Your brand colors make a big emotional impact, but how do they appear to site visitors who are partially sighted, color blind, or faced with e

Working to Build a Community Standard for Web Accessibility

I had this blog post written last week but didn’t publish because it felt wrong.

Inclusive Development: Using Style Guides to Improve Website Accessibility

What exactly is the role of a Front-end developer?

Blog graphic for SEO and Web Accessibility

Search engine optimization and web accessibility are complementary processes. Focus on one and you likely positively affect the other without additional effort.

Accessibility Terminology

With an estimated 1.3 billion users with disabilities worldwide, an accessible website is a gateway to a wider audience and cu

In October, 2015, a team from Mediacurrent worked on an accessibility project for the Knowbility Open Air ha

Drupal 8 is here!

The biggest release in Web Content Management history—Drupal 8.0.0—is scheduled for November 19th. We noticed that much of the content out there (including our recent posts exploring D8’s front-end, powerful ways to extend and develop and key considerations for a D8 redesign) is targeted for a technical audience.

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