Webinar Recap: Experience Matters - Understanding the New ROI of UX/CX

User experience counts in today's global, digital landscape: every dollar spent on UX design yields up to $100 in return.

Everyone knows that process is important, but we have all gotten lost in the rush of daily tasks.

ROI of UX Executive Briefing Event

The internet is changing the way we think, work, and play.

Intro to Drupal 8 Vocabulary

To the Drupal developers getting started with Symfony, there's a whole new set of vocabulary words we need to learn. In this short SlideShare presentation, I cover a few of the key things you need to know about the new terminology in Drupal 8 including: 

  • YAML
  • Composer
  • PSR-0
  • Dependency Injection
  • Service Containers
  • Routing
 Choosing Drupal as a Content Management Framework

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at ConvergeSE in Columbia, SC.


Drupal has many well documented best practices, many of which we've covered here previously.

Blog in Drupal 8

Continung our 6-part webinar series on Drupal 8 is Bob Kepford.

Image: Charts in Drupal

In this webinar Josh Estep, Senior Drupal Developer at Mediacurrent, discusses use of

Image: User Experience Backend Editing

In this webinar Dustin Cooper, Drupal Designer at Mediacurrent, discusses user exp

Image: Building Drupal Features

Features is the defacto standard for packaging site components under Drupal 6 and 7, and this pres


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