Guardr for Drupal 8: Meeting Enterprise Security Requirements

Keeping up with Drupal security updates is key to protecting your site, but assessing contrib module security before implementation is just as

With cybercrime on the rise, securing data in Drupal has become a hot topic for developers and project stakeholders alike.

Ask an Open Source Security Expert: What Can We Learn From the Equifax Hack?

Although the most likely cause of the massive Equifax data breach was the firm’s own

Webinar: Security by Design - An Introduction to Drupal Security

Join security experts from Mediacurrent, Townsend Security and Lockr as we uncover how you can protect your site from the growing cybercrime business by starting off on the right foot. This interactive webinar will get you the foundation you need to protect your site and your organization when using Drupal.

You'll Learn:

Drupal Security podcasts and blogs

Periodically, friends, colleagues, and clients ask me for recommendations on resources to keep up with the happenings in the security world.

Drupal security

At Mediacurrent, we take website security very seriously.

Drupalcon New Orleans 2016 Security Recap

While I have had the privilege of attending a number of DrupalCons and camps over the years, I cannot remember one with as many sessions and


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