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I have some Drupal code, how do I make it a contrib project?

A common issue developers run into is that they create a small piece of custom functionality and, after the fact, realize it could be reused.

Power your Drupal 8 Project with Docksal

Hello and welcome to my first blog post for Mediacurrent!

Debugging JavaScript Live in Chrome

I was recently in a situation where, in trying to optimize a site for performance reasons, I needed to track down what was generating some abo

5 Signs Your Website is Boring (and How to Fix It)

Do you ever feel like the Internet is a big popularity contest? Well, it is!

Theming a Webform in Drupal 7

Online forms are one of the most common methods used to gather meaningful information and connect with customers and prospects on your website

Autocomplete Deluxe Released for D8

I am excited to announce that the D8 port of the Autocomplete Deluxe module h

Mediacurrent's Drupal Theme Generator

In a fast moving industry like ours, it is imperative that we have tools that allow us to build environments (front and back-end), quickly, wh

Drupal Development Tips

There is no explicit documentation for the Drupal 8 version of the flag module, and now that the Drupal 8 version has hit alpha, it's a good t


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