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I have some Drupal code, how do I make it a contrib project?

A common issue developers run into is that they create a small piece of custom functionality and, after the fact, realize it could be reused.

Updates for the Mediacurrent Contrib Half Hour weekly meeting

After two years of an internal meeting to discuss our open source contribution efforts we relaunched it as a

Contrib Committee Review for October 2017

It’s a little late in the day (year?), so here’s a roundup of what we got up to last October.

Introducing the Mediacurrent Contrib Half-Hour

Not sure what this whole "patch" thing is? Have a core change that you can't quite finish?

Contrib Committee Review for September 2017

September brought those of us in the Northern hemisphere the start of the Fall or Autumn season, and those of in the South-East USA were visit

Introducing Drupal Through Its Community

Having helped port a few contrib modules from Drupal 6 to 7, and then from 7 to 8, I'd like to share some tips and recommendations that may he

Contrib Committee Review for August, 2017

As the (Northern hemisphere's) summer came to a close, and those of us with children started to get ready for another school year, we eked out

A question that regularly comes up from our clients is: is it worth changing our site to use Apache Solr for the site's search or should we st

Contrib Committee Review for July, 2017

As crazy random happenstances occur, this July saw more people taking time for vacationing, being ill and attending conferences in any single

Contrib Committee Review for June 2017

With summer in full swing here in the USA, some of us were taking some vacation time, or moving, so our contributions were a little low.


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