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TGIF! The Friday 5 is back with our first episode of 2017! 

What makes a good designer?

A lot of effort goes into engaging your visitors to ‘Sign-up’ or ‘Contact’ you.

Why website accessibility matters

OK stop what you are that SVG, stop fidgeting with that font, manage that mock-up and take a quick coffee break t

A blog graphic for website design

One of the biggest challenges when designing a website is not only creating a flawless experience for all devices but also one that engages the visitor and holds their attention in the right way. Here are a few design ideas that will increase visitor engagement on your website.

User Experience Matters

There are many talented designers with the ability to create a fabulous, responsive, web design worthy of the term “screen candy.”

Cheryl Little Employee Spotlight

Q&A with Mediacurrent's UI/UX Designer Cheryl.

User Testing Playbook Series

So, you’ve found the perfect car. It has all the bells and whistles, gets great gas mileage and, boy, will your friends turn their heads.

User Experience Matters

In 2014, the total number of websites in the world reached over 1 billion.

Image captioning in WYSIWYG

If you’ve been doing web design and development for a while you may remember the days when creating website layouts involved tables or browser


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