Best Practices

One Word to Save Your Project

Your company’s business development team just announced a new Drupal project has been given the green light, and you will be the project manag

Video content has quickly made its mark on every online platform that we interact with.

Drupalcamp Atlanta 2015

Engineers and developers tend to be passionate about building something great, and Drupal is the ideal foundation.


Keeping up with web accessibility standards means making your website available to all users.

One Word to Save Your Project

When faced with requirements that threaten to break the budget, blow the scope, derail the schedule and gen

Writing CSS is easy. Writing CSS that can scale and can be easily maintained is not.

Drupal 8 for Marketers

But what happens once they get there? If we’re doing our jobs as marketers in 2015, we are aiming to provide a personalized web experience for each of our prospects and customers with integrated campaigns and creative content. The great news is Drupal 8 is designed with this in mind. There are several new features and pieces of functionality that will help marketers focus on creating innovative strategies instead of having to worry about what’s possible.

Drupal Security

Recent events such as Drupalgeddon in October 2014, and other releases have shown that security is an important part of the Drupal community. Drupal is also one of the few open source projects that has documented processes in place and a dedicated security team which coordinates fixing Drupal, its modules (plugins) and themes when security issues are identified.

What can be done to avoid crazy crunch times at the end of a release? I have seen a number of successful and unsuccessful projects. Here are some tips from experience to help you work smarter and not harder. Let the planning and processes do some of the heavy lifting. These tips will work on waterfall, iterative, or agile projects.


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