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Angular Contributor’s Day at ngconf

On Saturday, April 9th, as most of the attendees of ngconf were catching flights home, a group of the core Angular team from G

Introducing Decoupled Blocks Module

This post will be a departure of sorts from my previous series. Instead, I’d like to examine how a proven model of a Panels-based, javascript-framework-agnostic, progressively decoupled solution might guide Drupal’s path forward.

For all its success, the original version of the Presentation Framework had one major drawback: it had been written in a way that tightly coupled it to the javascript framework originally chosen by The Weather Company (an IBM business) for use on the site, Angular 1.

As mentioned in our first post, refactoring the Presentation Framework originally built for to be javascript framework agnostic and work with Angular 2 presented us with some interesting challenges. Today, I’ll talk about the second big problem we encountered when building out this system - how do we allow the exact same component to be placed on a page multiple times?

In choosing to adopt a framework without an official release, there were problems to be overcome as well. The biggest complication we encountered was that since the project is still in beta, much of the documentation is not fleshed out, and some of the specific architectural challenges we were trying to solve were not documented anywhere at all.

One of the requests of the Wunderground team in beginning this effort, was that instead of starting a new project using Angular 1, they wanted to push into new territory and use the not-yet-released Angular 2.

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