Accessibility Updates: WCAG 2.1

The technologies we use each day to access the web, our understanding of the challenges that are being faced by our users, and how we as an in

Re-Learning Accessibility for a Decoupled Front End

Recently I was lucky enough to catch a workshop by Brian Sinclair entitled 'Accessibility: The Basics and Beyond'.

why slideshows are bad design and 6 alternative options

Slideshows, sliders, carousels: no matter what you call them, in terms of web design they are just evil.

Digital Strategy Can Help to Make Accessibility ‘Just What You Do’

Ever watch The Munsters? It's been years since I have but they always stand out in my mind.

Why website accessibility matters

OK stop what you are that SVG, stop fidgeting with that font, manage that mock-up and take a quick coffee break t

In October, 2015, a team from Mediacurrent worked on an accessibility project for the Knowbility Open Air ha

Mediacurrent's Accessibility Hackathon Blog Series: The Toolbar

In November 2015, a team from Mediacurrent participated in Knowbility’s accessibility hackathon. One of the features we created for the site was an accessibility toolbar.


I recently had the opportunity to give a beginners talk about website accessibility at


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