Locking down Drupal & Managing Security Breaches

Mediacurrent Team

Locking down Drupal & Managing Security Breaches

Presenter: Andy Thornton
Drupalcamp Atlanta 2011 


Website security is always a concern with any project you put online. As part of your planning, it pays to have a security plan in place so you can effectively respond to any issues and minimise risk to your website and brand.

This session is for anyone running a website and and covers common security concerns, how to recover from a break in and best practices for ongoing assessment. From a small website on a shared hosting service to a dedicated server in a datacenter, having an understanding of how to manage your security policies can reduce downtime in the event of a security breach. This session is aimed at both Drupal developers and website managers.

Topics covered

  • Overview of Common Security Issues.
  • Drupal Best Practices.
  • Open Source Testing Tools.
  • Web Application Firewalls
  • Tiger Teams.
  • Planning and Policies.
  • Managing a security breach.

Session attendees will have a better understanding on how to prevent security issues and how to effectively handle a security breach and minimise the effects on your website and organisation.

Andy Thornton is a Drupal Architect for Mediacurrent.com

Follow him at @BohemianPixel