Geolocation in Drupal (Nodes & Users)

Mediacurrent Team

Geolocation in Drupal (Nodes & Users)

Presenter: Andrew Riley
Drupalcamp Atlanta 2011 


Maps and geolocation are becoming more and more important to the sites we build as the scope of our smallest projects become regional, national and global. Does your next project need to list store locations that sell a product world wide? Do you need to limit content for certain country descriptions? While these thoughts might be scary at first I promise it isn't voodoo and at the end of the talk you will know how to do all of these things.

In this session I will walk you through Drupal common ways to:

  • Add maps to your site
  • Create locations on your maps (with and without views)
  • Locate your users in realtime
  • Search for locations within a distance
  • Use mobile devices for geolocation