Beginner & Intermediate Guide to HTML 5 and CS3 in Drupal

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Beginner & Intermediate Guide to HTML 5 and CS3 in Drupal


Presenters: Kendall Totten, Dante Taylor
Drupalcamp Atlanta 2011

HTML5 and CSS3 are a part of the new Web 3.0 toolbox! This session will walk you through easy ways to use some of the more advanced features in HTML5. We will explain the uses for HTML5 and CSS3 that will enhance your design and create a better user experience for your audience. If you are familiar with the basics, but want to know the best practices for integrating HTML5 features into your Drupal site now, this is the session for you.

Who’s this for:

  • Themers who are familiar with basic CSS3 concepts and want to take it to the next level
  • Practical uses of both HTML5 and CSS3 for intermediate developers

What you’ll learn:

  • Real Life applications to start using CSS3 and HTML5 today
  • Tactics to bring older browsers up to speed and enhance compatibility
  • Use HTML5 and CSS3 to Enhance UX
  • How HTML5 and CSS3 can help you design for mobile


  • Microformats, Form API, Semantic captions for images
  • What to look for in Drupal 8 / Is Drupal 7 going to be skipped over?
  • How to Enhance Adaptive Theme (D7 theme that uses HTML5)
  • HTML5 Themes and Modules


  • Text in Columns
  • Transitions (& animation?)
  • CSS only Backgrounds
  • Using SVG
  • The Future of CSS


Presentation Slides

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