Preparing for a Drupal Website Redesign

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Preparing for a Drupal Website Redesign

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When was the last time your website had a facelift or you audited your Drupal modules, site security, SEO, etc?

We believe website redesigns fundamentally fall into two categories: the right and the wrong.

The right way delivers true value to an organization and the wrong way just consumes time and money for window dressing—which does nothing for your bottom line. 

Recently a few of our teammates gathered our thoughts around Drupal website redesigns. As we talked through the different areas we coach our customers on, we decided to put them into one eBook.

"Preparing for a Drupal Website Redesign" is a collection of important suggestions your organization should consider before embarking on your next website design. Suggestions such as:

  • Analytics that indicate it is time for a website redesign.
  • How to visually plan your next website.
  • The impact buyer personas can have on your site success.
  • Creating a solid SEO strategy to bring new visitors to your site.
  • Site security and how to keep it up to date.
  • Tips on making mobile part of your redesign strategy.
  • Integrating your Marketing Automation and CRM platforms.

We wrap up the eBook with 10 important questions you can print out and answer with your organization before embarking on a redesign. They will help your team capture the vision for your Drupal website redesign.

To say the least, we're pretty proud of our latest eBook and hope you find it a valuable resource in planning your redesign.  As always, contact us if you'd like talk about specific issues with your website and how we can help you address them quickly.

A Drupal Website Redesign


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