Mediacurrent's Kendall Totten to speak at ConvergeSE

Mediacurrent Team

Mediacurrent's Kendall Totten to speak at ConvergeSE

ConvergeSE is an immersive web design, development and business conference full of informative workshops and inspiring keynotes. Mediacurrent's own Kendall Totten will be leading the session "Choosing Drupal as a CMS Framework for your next project, which covers a wide range of subjects, such as

  • What is Drupal and what makes it great?
  • What is involved with building & theming a Drupal site.
  • How to get a Drupal site off the ground quickly

Join Kendall on the Front End track, or explore some of the other tracks, such as Design, Gaming, Makers, UX, Development, and Business and Marketing.

For more information on ConvergeSE, visit their website.


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