Mediacurrent Dropcast: Episode 1

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Mediacurrent Dropcast: Episode 1

We're back again with a new episode! This week we talk lots of Drupal 8.

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Show Notes


“Team Kool-aid” members:
Mark: @teampoop, Bob: @kepford, Jason: @jasonawant, Jay: @drupalninja, Ryan: @ryanissamson

Mediacurrent Blog Mentions


Article 1

Something Borrowed, Something Drupal
Jay summarizes Larry Garfield’s Drupal 8 article from Drupal Watchdog.

Article 2

Ultimate Flexibility: Open Atrium’s New Related Content Feature
Bob walks us through the Mike Potter’s article on the new paragraphs module for Drupal.

This week in Drupal 8

Mark guides us through the latest happenings in Drupal 8 development.

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