Introducing the Mediacurrent Dropcast!

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Introducing the Mediacurrent Dropcast!

Our inaugural episode. Team Kool-Aide starts a podcast and we talk about a variety of topics taken from The Weekly Drop.

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Show Notes


"Team Kool-aide" members: Jay Callicott, Mark Casias, Ryan Gibson, Bob Kepford, Peter Mallett, & Jason Want

Mediacurrent Blog Mentions

Article 1

Prototypes: A Better Approach to Development
Jay summarizes the Prototype article and the group discusses.

Article 2

What is Headless Drupal?
Bob summarizes the Headless article and the group discusses.

Other relevant links:

Article 3

Drupal 8 and Backdrop CMS - A Brief Comparison
Jason summarizes the Drupal 8 article and the group discusses.

Thunderdome (last thoughts).

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