Growth Hacking with Content, Marketing Automation & Drupal

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Growth Hacking with Content, Marketing Automation & Drupal

Drupalcamp Atlanta

The essence of “growth hacking” can be described in two words: work smarter. It means understanding the status quo and coming up with creative ways to leverage the standard systems. Companies like Dropbox, Hotmail and Twitter have leveraged growth hacking strategies to build their audience and customer base.

At Mediacurrent, we used several growth hacks to achieve 129% year-over-year growth in conversions, leveraging content creation, marketing automation, CRM tools and of course, Drupal. I had the opportunity at this year's Drupal Camp Atlanta to pull back the curtain on our strategy and show how you can set up systems to help you achieve large scale growth.

Check out this video of my session that explores:

  • Analytics Tools to Hyper Target Website Visitors
  • Progressive profiling, lead scoring, and segmentation
  • Campaign Building and Execution
  • Marketing Automation and CRM Integration
  • Why use a Marketing Automation Module?

Once you get started, I would love to hear how it's working for you!

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