Employee Spotlight: Stephen Lucero

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Employee Spotlight: Stephen Lucero


Each month, we spotlight one of our amazing team members who work hard to bring you great work. Today, we interviewed Stephen Lucero who is a Lead Drupal Architect that has been with Mediacurrent for over 2 years! Let's get started!   



1. What’s your role at Mediacurrent, both internally and client-related?

My official title is “Lead Drupal Architect”, but for the most part that involves planning and leading the technical aspects of a project toward success from everybody’s perspective. My favorite description of my position is, “I help clients find and build what they need because usually, what they need and what they want isn’t always the same.”


2. Give us an idea of what professional path brought you here.

In high school, I decided I wanted to make video games and started from there pursuing programming and development classes everywhere I could. Following this path, I studied Computer Science in college through a new program that was focused on video game development. Toward the end of the program, I took a few design courses that tied into web development where I found that I enjoyed being able to tie both of these aspects together. After graduating I worked for a local web development agency where my career path in Development began. 


3. How did you first get involved with Drupal?

The first development agency I worked at, we managed a large number of sites built in various CMS systems. Whatever CMS the lead developer at the time was most comfortable or interested in was what we did. This exposed me to a lot of different software, and even lead me down the road of writing my own systems in a couple of cases. Once I was in the role of the lead developer myself I heard about Drupal 7 being released and decided to give it a try. I was very intrigued by the amount of flexibility it offered and explored more and more of it with each project I was able to build on it.


4. Is there a go-to Drupal module that you like to incorporate whenever possible?

As the maintainer of YAML Content, I’m a bit biased; but I do find it incredibly useful for new builds in need of demo content. Aside from that, I’m a huge proponent of cleaning up and customizing the editorial experience, so Field Group is another go-to because of its low-effort/big pay-off impact.


5. Do you have any recommended reading or books that you would suggest to others?

Personally, I love science fiction, so either Dune by Frank Herbert or Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein are great recommendations. Professionally, Pro Git has proven invaluable in understanding what Git is doing internally which makes it much easier to bend it to my will when I need to.


6. Any mobile apps that you use regularly?

I tend to keep a constant rotation of new games installed on my phone to always try something new when I get some free time. Aside from these, Reddit is always a staple for passing free time. Finally, SpaceTeam has been a recent favorite for my wife and I when we need a good laugh.


7. What do you like to do in your spare time?

As long as I can remember my favorite pastime has always been playing video games. I’m a huge console gamer and love playing games every chance I get. With a young family with two kids, my time to play is pretty limited compared to what it used to be, but I still take every opportunity I can to get some gaming time in. Aside from video games, I often help my wife with her complex cake businesses. I help to build structures for her larger and more complex cakes. The most recent example of this was a 6 foot tall Jack Skellington cake for our son’s 5th birthday party.


8. What do you like about Mediacurrent?

One of the main reasons I joined Mediacurrent was for the opportunity to work on large-scale and complex sites in different sectors, but since joining I’ve been most appreciative of the skill level of our staff as a whole. Our team is made up of a lot of really smart people and working with any of them always presents a great opportunity to grow and learn something new.


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