DrupalCamp Atlanta 2017 Highlights

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DrupalCamp Atlanta 2017 Highlights

It's official: the countdown to DrupalCamp Atlanta is on. In just two weeks (November 2 - November 4), Mediacurrent will proudly sponsor another great camp in Buckhead, the tech center of ATL. Known for being a top Drupal event in the southeast, DCATL isn't one to miss. It's not too late to register!

If you'll be attending this year, you can catch the Mediacurrent team presenting these sessions:

Survival Skills for Real-World Project Management

Time: Friday, 1:30 pm - 2:20 pm / Piedmont A

Bring your JIRA boards, your Scrum cards and, yes, even your waterfalls for COO Jeff Diecks session. He'll break down the daily survival skills Mediacurrent teaches to our project management team, such as:

  • How to stay organized through the power of the daily priority list
  • How to check in with a developer to evaluate true status
  • Ticket best practices to improve consistency
  • How to scan the code repository to identify and remove blockers
  • Speaking from data to calm nervous clients
  • Effective recap e-mails to manage scope and budget
  • Managing a product backlog to maintain clear priorities
  • Burn rate woes and how to fix them

Comparing CMS Platforms: A Cross-Functional View 

Time: Friday, 2:30-pm -3:20 om / Peachtree A

Clients need to sift through a lot of information when choosing an enterprise-level Content Management Systems (CMS) — features, functionality, cost, and more. Business Analyst Bill Shaouy will compare the three leading CMSs ( Acquia/Drupal, Adobe Experience Manager, and Sitecore) from the following five perspectives:

  • Content Authoring
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Development
  • Community

No technical knowledge is required. Attendees will leave the session with a better understanding of the strengths of each of the three CMSs, and what the Drupal community is doing to shore up Drupal's relative weaknesses. 

Shifting UX to the Editorial Experience

Time: Saturday, 9:00 am -9:50 am / Peachtree C

With the rise in popularity of decoupled infrastructures, more clients are shifting their focus to improving the Drupal Administration UX. 

Kevin Basarab, Director of Development, joins with Group Nine Media to explore these questions:

  • How is design/UX reversing to focus on the editorial experience?
  • What contrib modules currently enhance the editorial experience?
  • How can a better editorial experience be beneficial to your client?
  • Where is the future of editorial experiences and Drupal heading?

Keynote Contrib Panel

Time: Saturday, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm / Peachtree A 

As some of the world's largest applications are developed as open-source, the need for project maintainers has become vital to the success and longevity of these programs. Damien McKenna, a top Drupal contributor, and Mediacurrent's own Community Lead will share tips for becoming a better maintainer. 

  • So what does it take to become a maintainer?
  • Why would someone volunteer so much time?
  • What are some tips to avoid burnout?
  • How do you split your time between client and contrib work?
  • How can someone become a (co-) maintainer?

Connect with Mediacurrent 

We know how difficult it is to get your questions answered and get one-on-one time with top Drupal experts. Here's your chance! Reserve a time to talk with one of Mediacurrent’s experts about your Drupal project. Reserve a time slot here. 

Stop by our table in the exhibition area to say hi, learn about our open positions and grab some swag. 

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