Dropcast Episode 34: Wes Bos

Senior Drupal Developer

Dropcast Episode 34: Wes Bos

Recorded Oct 16th, 2017
A few weeks ago, we were excited to have Wes Bos, of the Syntax Podcast as a guest but due to some serious slacking by yours truly, we have to re-do the news and whatnot because it became stale. But the interview is awesome and we wanted to keep it in. Wes Bos is of, wesbos.com, and all the JS training classes you want to take on the internets, assuming you want to learn that kind of stuff. And you should. Other possible show titles were “WESteros, WES-side Story, and “Who’s the BOS” but they were summarily rejected.


Wes Bos Interview:

  • Bob: Tell us about yourself

  • Mario: What drove you to focus on Javascript?

  • Mario: Have you heard or worked with Drupal?  Ask Scott Tolinski about it :-)

  • Bob: What do you see as the biggest trend taking place right now in Javascript Or Web Dev in general?

  • Bob: What advice would you give Drupal developers on how to get better with JavaScript?

  • Bob: When you want to learn a new technology what is your process?

  • Ryan: Which JS framework would you recommend that a backend dev tackle first?

  • Bob: What projects are you working on now?

  • Mario: How do you manage clients or work without overworking yourself?

  • Mark: Something about the Syntax podcast process.

Drupal News:

Pro Project Pick:

  • Bob - Node Red - Flow-based programming for the Internet of Things


The Final Bell: (Ryan)

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