Contrib Committee Review for August, 2017

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Contrib Committee Review for August, 2017

Contrib Committee Review for August, 2017

As the (Northern hemisphere's) summer came to a close, and those of us with children started to get ready for another school year, we eked out some good work during the month.

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August saw the Decoupled Dev Days event land in NYC. After months of planning by Matt Davis, Bob Kepford, Mark Casias, Phase 2's Annie Stone, Acquia's Preston So and Matthew Grill, NBCUniversal's Alexander Ross and Major League Soccer's Brian Azna, the single day conference was a huge success. The day covered many interesting topics, from virtual reality, to building administrative interfaces, to various distributions available to build from, and on, everyone had lots of great things to share and learn from. We're excited to see future events from this group as the technologies and capabilities expand, but to keep us "contenta" (do you get it?) they've made videos of the day's presentations available for all.

Until next time

That's it for this month. I hope you all had an excellent summer if you live in the north, an excellent winter if you live in the south, and if you live in the tropics - well, just be careful with those tornadoes and typhoons!

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