Blog Posts - September 2017

Mediacurrent Friday 5 Logo
Happy Friday everyone! This week, frontend developer Tim Dickens talks to us about Blockchain, which he learned about at DinosaurJS back in June! He...
Blockchain: Long Thoughts
First thoughts... It has always been said that “the book is better than the movie.” This blog post gives a behind-the-scenes look at the writing that...
Autocomplete Deluxe Released for D8
I am excited to announce that the D8 port of the Autocomplete Deluxe module has been released in “beta”! What does it do? The Autocomplete Deluxe...
The Sight of Your Site: Why Quality Photos Matter (Pt. 2)
In the previous post , we looked at options for improving your website's photography for those on a limited budget and those who would rather hire a...
A Project Manager Walks into Decoupled Dev Days
No, this is not a joke. Decoupled Developer Days took place in New York City on August 19th and 20th and was hosted by NBCUniversal at 30 Rock in the...