10 Reasons Why Marketers Are Moving to Drupal

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10 Reasons Why Marketers Are Moving to Drupal

10 Reason Why Marketers Are Moving to Drupal

Marketers around the world face the same pressures of trying to leverage marketing automation, content marketing, social media engagement, SEO, and more to drive prospective buyers to engage with their brands. More often than not, that engagement is happening on a website where the need to deliver an immersive digital experience to keep prospects and customers coming back, is vital.

Many have adopted Drupal as the foundation for their company’s websites. Drupal provides you with access to innovative functionality, countless solutions, and powerful, integrated tools. This full-fledged platform makes it possible to not only understand who your site visitors are and what they want to accomplish, but to dig deeper into their interactions and content and navigation preferences so you can optimize engagements.

We're proud to release our first eBook with our good friends over at Acquia. This eBook covers why thousands of marketers around the world rely on Drupal to overcome the cost and technical barriers commonly associated with building and maintaining a sophisticated digital presence. Topics covered include:

  • Create Dynamic Digital Experiences…Easily
  • Easily Execute Your Content Marketing Strategy 
  • Establish an Efficient Workflow
  • Qualify More Leads with Marketing Automation and Drupal
  • Achieve Search Engine Optimization Nirvana
  • Don’t Waste Your Marketing Budget on Licensing Fees
  • Security—It’s Good Enough for Government
  • Bridge the Gap Between IT and Marketing
  • Benefit from the Thriving Development Community 
  • Scale Without Fail

Because Drupal is not tied to a proprietary vendor’s roadmap, it’s advancing based on the work of thousands of developers around the world. Drupal organically evolves at the speed of the Web, offers the cost savings and agility of the open source model, and gives you the ability to integrate content across a range of channels and campaigns. Download Why Marketers Are Moving to Drupal for more information. 

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