Zack Hawkins - Theming Manager

More about me

Zack has eight years of experience as Drupal themer. In his role as Theme Manager at Mediacurrent, he specializes in front-end architecture and performance and delivering results-oriented user experience and interface design.

Zack graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BA in Studio Art and a focus in graphic design. He was introduced to web design shortly afterward and snagged his first web-related job at the Athens Banner-Herald newspaper in Georgia. The Banner-Herald provided him with an encouraging environment, which allowed him to explore and grow as a web designer. When the organization moved to a Drupal 6 based site, Zack was given the opportunity to dive into Drupal. Zack first joined Mediacurrent as a Front-End Developer. One of Zack’s notable accomplishments at Mediacurrent has been theming for UGA Georgia Center. The project navigated a complex theme comprised of four themes, while building in a maintainable, scalable way.

Zack lives in Athens, GA with his wife and son and is avidly involved in the local design community. He has a hidden talent thinking up great start-up names. Fweep. There you go, that one's for free. "You know, just Fweep it!"