Robyn Green - Lead Drupal Architect

More about me

With an extensive background developing and engineering web-based software solutions and eight years of Drupal experience, Robyn brings a well-rounded background to all of his projects. He was recognized as the 2011 winner of the William S. Morris IV Innovation Award for developing a  Drupal-based commenting and user-registration API site.After earning his Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Central Arkansas, paired with a minor in Computer Science, Robyn went on to become a reporter during the late 90s dot-com boom.  

Curious to learn about how the whole wide web thing worked, he began building some Geocities sites and CGI scripts in his spare time and soon took on the responsibility of publishing articles to the web.Throughout his years in the Newspaper publishing industry, Robyn continued to gain experience developing publishing sites in Drupal. He joined Mediacurrent as a Senior Drupal Developer before advancing to his current role.

When not tinkering with web technologies, Robyn can be found at home working in his yard and garden with his wife and two kids. He enjoys kayak fishing, brewing his own beer, and long walks on the nonexistent beaches of Arkansas.