Michael Wojcik - Drupal Developer

More about me

Michael has been working with Drupal since 2014 and is a passionate supporter of the open-source community.

Michael started out working in higher education, where he enjoyed being surrounded by really driven, brainy folks and learning as much as possible from them. While working in communications and research project coordination at Harvard, he was tasked with maintaining various websites and became fascinated with web development. He started taking courses in Information Technology at the Harvard University Extension School, and decided to pursue a master's degree in IT with a concentration in digital media arts and instructional design.

While finishing his degree, Michael started working at Duke as a website administrator specializing in Drupal. He observed how popular Drupal was becoming in higher ed and was excited to learn more and more about the CMS. He attended his first DrupalCon in Los Angeles in 2015, where he first became acquainted with Mediacurrent. After finishing his master's degree requirements, Michael came to Mediacurrent to refocus his career and devote himself to becoming an even better Drupal developer.

Michael loves to learn something new every day, especially when it comes to IT, philosophy, religion, and politics. When he’s not coding, he loves playing games, especially Texas hold 'em poker and the East Asian board game Go.