Melissa Bent - Drupal Developer

More about me

Melissa brings a strong web development background and 10 years of Drupal experience to her role as Drupal Developer at Mediacurrent.

Melissa taught herself to code when she was working for a non-profit. After a very brief foray into the world of .NET, she decided she wanted to work with open-source projects and Drupal had the best architecture to deal with large amounts of data and robust feature sets. Prior to Mediacurrent, she worked for a small Drupal agency where she learned a lot and gained a few more "hats" such as Solr configuration, data architecture, and quality assurance.

Melissa pursues a variety of projects outside of the technical field as well. Whether playing her guitar and singing, designing and crafting quilts, or restoring furniture, her interests vary widely. She currently resides in Boise, Idaho with her rescue dog, Mister.