Ian Johnson - Project Manager

More about me

Ian brings a robust skillset to his role as project manager, drawing from an extensive background in web development, entrepreneurship, and project management.

Ian began his career in the technology industry, holding the role of a Quality Assurance Tester. He then worked at CNET as an Associate Producer of content on Download.com before transitioning into development as a Associate Technical Producer. Ian continued a career path in web development, working at a nonprofit associated with Tulane University. While there, he helped to develop an ASP.net application used by over 50 organizations statewide to track clients through an Individual Development Account program. Prior to Mediacurrent, he spent over thirteen years helping to run a web and custom application team at C4 Tech & Design. As the web development department grew, he transitioned into a project management role and later assumed the position of ScrumMaster.

Ian is based in New Orleans, where he enjoys the city’s vibrant culture with his wife and two children. He digs comedy, craft beer, electronic music, and films by directors like Werner Herzog and Stanley Kubrick.