Davin Post - Senior Digital Strategist

More about me

Davin brings an insatiable curiosity for data, words, creativity, and technology to his role as Senior Digital Strategist. He leverages a background in data and analytics and experience in shaping the strategy of high profile brands across multiple industries to drive results for Mediacurrent clients. Torn between going into the world of intelligence analysis or pursuing a graduate degree in creative writing, Davin opted for the intel route to begin his post-college career. He cut his analytical teeth on parsing large amounts and exploring intent indicators (think less James Bond and more spreadsheet dot-connecting). After transitioning out of that world, he needed a place to utilize a specialized skill set, which is when he fell in love with the world of digital marketing, embracing its high speed, fascinating tech, copious amounts of data, and nearly endless piles of puzzles to work on. Prior to Mediacurrent, Davin worked on a variety of digital and analytical projects in the non-profit, ecommerce, motorsports, and direct selling industries.

Davin currently lives in Boise, ID with his wife and two kids. Outside of work and family, he can usually be found drinking too much coffee, tinkering on cars and playing the occasional video game.