Cheryl Little - UX/UI Designer

More about me

Cheryl brings six years of Drupal experience to her role as UX/UI designer at Mediacurrent. Her strengths lie in conceiving visual solutions to design problems that create an engaging, user-friendly experience across multiple platforms.

Before joining Mediacurrent, Cheryl worked for the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles as the Senior Graphic and Web Designer. She redesigned the court’s website—built in Drupal and the first responsive website in the Federal Judiciary. The theme has now been implemented by other federal courts across the US. After earning her BFA in Design from the University of Kansas, one of the top design schools in the nation, Cheryl held a variety of roles at Hallmark Cards. Later, she gained experience in broadcast, product, and publication design. She caught the “digital bug” soon after she started building websites to market those endeavors.

When not plugged in, Cheryl enjoys watching her musician husband perform, taking photos and travelling.